Monday, 24 Feb 2020

Hide your tags from WordPress post

Hide your tags and posted in from post

Hide your tags from WordPress post

Showing Tags and Posted In – in a WordPress post, it looks like an odd thing. So you need to hide all these things to make your post more understandable by the point of view of viewers. You have to just follow all these steps to hide these things.

Before when your post is showing tags- See below image.

Hide your tags from WordPress post

  • Open your WordPress Account
  • Go to Appearance
  • Click on Customize
  • Then click on Additional CSS
  • Then copy this code-  .entry-footer, .tags-links { display: none!important; } 
  • And paste this code in Additional CSS
  • Then click on publish.

After clicking on publishing button you see that there is no tag and posted in, in your post.

Hide your tags from WordPress post


You can also see our YouTube video to Hide your tags from WordPress post.

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