How to remove the Google Business Listing?

How to remove the Google Business Listing?

In this article, we learn about- How to remove the Google Business Listing.

As we all know, Google Business Listing is very much important for any business. Because with Google Listing anyone can find our business on the internet and connect with us. Now the topic is How to remove the Google Business Listing from the Google My Business account. So you have to follow some steps to delete your Google Business Listing.

  • Open Your Google My Business Account into your Browser: 

After you open your Google My Business Account then, scroll down your page.


  • Click the Manage Location Menu:

After you scroll down your menu in your Google Business Account then in left-hand side menu you will see the Manage Location Menu in the bottom. Then click this Manage Location Location menu.


  • Select the Listing for delete:

Select the listing for which you want to delete. Be careful, don’t another listing. After you select the listing then click on the small square box which is on the left side of the selected listing. How_to_remove_google_business_listing

  • Click on Action Button:

After click on the left-hand side small square box, you have to click on right-hand side Action button which is above the Business listingHow_to_delete_google_business_listing


When you clicked that box a drop-down menu will open.



  • Click on remove button:

After click on the Action button, you will see the drop-down menu. Then Click on the remove Listing button which is the downside in this menu.


After clicking this menu your Google My Business Listing will delete.


How_to_delete_a google_business_listing

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