Invite All Facebook Friends To Like Facebook Page

Invite All Facebook Friends To Like Facebook Page

Hey Guys!!! In this article, I will tell you that How to-Invite All Facebook Friends To Like Facebook Page using Google Chrome Extension (invite all friends on Facebook).

This article will tell you to invite all of your Facebook friends to like your Facebook page only with just one click, either your friends are 100, 1000 or maybe 5000 it doesn’t matter.

So let us start.

Anyone who has a Facebook page and is interested in increasing the reach and engagement of a post then they can easily invite all the facebook friends with just one click by installing Google Chrome extension.

How to Invite All Facebook Friends To Like Facebook Page is as follows

1. Open your Facebook Account in Google Chrome 

Open a new window and type in URL box and then entered the login details i.e., Facebook ID and password.

2. Open your Facebook page

You can open your Facebook page on the left side of the window as shown in the below image. After you click on this page you have to open a new window tab.

If you don’t know how to make a Facebook page then you can see my Youtube video – How to make a Facebook account or Facebook page.   

Invite All Facebook Friends To Like Facebook Page

3. Download Google Chrome Extension 

Open a new tab. In a new tab, you have to write and search for Google Chrome extension. Just click on the first link of the page i.e. Chrome web store extension. In the left-hand side, you can see there is a search box, In this search box, you have to write Invite all the Facebook friends. After your search is done, some extension will appear, you have to click on the extension which the whole name is Invite All Friends on Facebook offered (by Mohammed N. El-Madhoun). Just click on +ADD TO CHROME. After you will see that there is a small notification box, then click on Add extension. After clicking on add extension you will see that in the right top of the page there is an extension with a sign of a right tick i.e., Invite all friend on Facebook.

Invite All Facebook Friends To Like Facebook Page


4. Invite All Facebook Friends To Like Facebook Page

Now back to your previous window and click on your Facebook page. Click on the invite all extension you have added in your extension. You will see that a small box will appear in which ‘wait a moment while we check all of your friends, the process may take a few seconds’ is written. This will send the invitation to all of your friends and then close the small box.Invite All Facebook Friends To Like Facebook Page

So this article is finished, I hope you will learn How to Invite to the like Facebook Page in just one click by adding a Google Chrome extension. If any points or any line in this article that you will not understand then you can easily comment on my article.


You can learn this whole article buy seeing our youtube video i.e., How To- Invite All Facebook Friends To Like Fb Page?

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